About Godspeed Token

Godspeed represent the beginning of a journey that will change the cryptocurrency market, in Godspeed token LLC we don't believe hype should be the thing moving a crypto project forward, we believe in a system where a token should offer many possibilities and opportunities, that is why we have created Godspeed token to be the best token for commercial use, Store of wealth and for an investment opportunity.

Godspeed token will be the face of a lot of projects in the coming month, first of which will be Godspeed Wallet, a wallet that will offer a lot of functionality more than just a native wallet and also Godspeed Trading, a peer-to-peer trading platform for trading all BEP20, ERC20, and NFT tokens. These two projects are already in development and should roll out before the end of the year.

Godspeed will also be used to receive payment online through our payment processing software and application programming interfaces for e-commerce websites and mobile applications.

The backbone of Godspeed Wallet and the default token for Godspeed trading platform

The best token that appreciate very fast while earning passive income through fee distribution to holders

A Dedicated team that will never fail or stop innovating and keeps improve Godspeed ecosystem

Godspeed will be the token used by a lot of e-commerce websites for accepting payment


The cryptocurrency market is unstable and which makes it very easy for elites to manipulate coin prices, with just a single tweet, price of a coin can fall by 50%.


Godspeed token is built to deal with this issue by making sure Godspeed token price never falls through some test and proven method in the cryptocurrency market.


Godspeed is a deflationary token that burns 10% with every transaction and we also buy back and burn tokens from market supply every quarter and this gives Godspeed Token a steady price increase.

Constant Price Increase:

Godspeed price can only goes up, no matter what happened, Godspeed price will keep increasing with every transaction.

Fair deals only:

The open-source smart contract ensures fair and transparent deals between merchants and affiliates.

Easy entry and fair competition:

We give everyone easy entry and a fair ICO launch, there is no private ICO, and all users at a start price of $0.01.

Low transaction fee:

Using Binance smart Chain allows a significant decrease in transaction fees when sending Godspeed Token to anyone..

No more middleman:

All buying and selling of Godspeed Token can be done directly from our website without the need of a middleman..

P2P trading Platform

We offer user to user buy and selling platform for Godspeed which allows you to set your price and sell to other users.

Godspeed Tokenomics

Token Contract: 0xbc86575c6a25e300c31daf0e23a5be09ab2b12fd

40,000,000 PancakeSwap Liquidity
20,000,000 Godspeed Trading
15,000,000 Godspeed Developement
5,000,000 Airdrop Worldwide
20,000,000 PreSale & ICO
icon Token
icon Funds
Buyback and Burn

Buyback and burn programs support long-term price stability and value growth, that’s why we at Godspeed have included it into the token’s smart contract, We will always buy back a few percentages of the token in the market every quarter, and Burn it.

Burning and Rewarding System

Up to 10% of every transaction is spent on commissions charged and this token is then permanently Burned forever, We want a token that keeps getting rarer with every transaction and rewards people holding it in a long term.

Constant Price Increase

Godspeed is the only token in the market that guarantees a constant price increase, we have designed the token to always appreciate and become rarer over time, with godspeed, investing in crypto that yields with time is our number one purpose.

The Roadmap