About Godspeed

Godspeed Token is a registered company in Wyoming USA, although we are not located in Wyoming because of security, Godspeed currently doesn't have a headquarters as we plan to have our headquarter in Malta which supports cryptocurrency.

the United States doesn't support cryptocurrency and having our headquarter in the United States can become an issue in future, so we are planning to set up our headquarter in Malta before the end of the year.

Godspeed teams are located around the world, GodSpeed CEO is located in United State and very soon, we will introduce all the team members and the CEO to the community

we are first working on Godspeed token and Godspeed Wallet and we want to focus on this first, build a community before we start introducing Godspeed team to the community, at the moment the community is too small for that and we are working on expanding the reach of Godspeed Token.

Godspeed Token team members around the world


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